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Parasite Cyrus by Jade-Merciful
Parasite Cyrus
DTA refsheet for the parasite who I've named Cyrus. Cyrus is a class 2 demon, who was born of the dying embers of a fire (and only the heavens knows what else). He frequents military camps, lurking behind those who have lost someone close to them.

Original Adopt by YzzilLiz
Art by myself ^.^
The blood of Brotherhood by Jade-Merciful
The blood of Brotherhood
"Is thicker than the waters of the womb."
Alec Knightly and Zander Ithiel Beau Brighton, brothers by choice. I love the idea behind this but it didn't turn out how I wanted so... 

Anyway they were "draw to adopts" designed by PockyPika, and this is my drawing for them o.o'


Name: Alec Knightly
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Personality: Quiet, but not for a lack of things to say, Alec is a polite young man, who takes pride in what he does, if you can get him out of bed. He's bright, and logical, though his actions are very much dictated by how he's feeling and what he's thinking as opposed to pure logic.
- Dislikes: Getting up in the morning (or at all), papercuts, loud people, cold/flu/allergy seasons
- Likes: Happy kids, music, helpful people. Anything that isn't stressful and/or irritating.
Flaws: Alec is a perpetual procrastinator, he's lazy to a fault. The comfort of a soft bed is just too alluring to him to leave.
Strengths: Though being manipulative is not the most kind thing, it is definitely a strength of Alec's. He can get pretty much anyone to do anything, as long as it's not completely against their moral standings. Typically he uses this to prevent having to leave his bed for a few moments longer in the mornings.
Background story: Taken in by Zander, though Zander isn't much older than him, Alec had to work hard to stay alive as a kid. His father raised him alone, in poverty, until his untimely death when Alec was 11. Since Zander found him, Alec has wanted for nothing, save for the impossible (aka, his parents back and to never have to leave his bed).
Other: When Zander first took him in, Alec didn't know how to read or write. To prevent Alec being embarrassed, Zander himself taught Alec to read and write, even going so far as to help him find his own style of hand writing and signature.

Name: Zander Ithiel Beau Brighton
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Personality: Very confident, Zander will not respond to you unless you call him by his full name or you're telling him something of great importance (ie. the house is on fire) anything short of that and he simply will not give you the time of day. The easy way around this of course is to say his full name once and just keep talking to him. One of the greatest insults to him is to shorten his name in any way. Always thinking the best of himself, Zander is more for thinking than feeling. He'll tell you exactly what a situation is, even if that is harsh, to get right to the heart of the issue at hand. 
- Dislikes: swearing/cursing/crass language, Unpolished/dirty clothing/jewelry/weaponry, torn/damaged pieces of literature
- He enjoys fine dining, as well as the occasional sip of alcohol. Looks and taste must go hand in hand for him. Best be royal when in his company.
Flaws: Should something manage to chip at his confidence, Zander is slow to recover from emotional damages.
Strengths: Zander is a strategist, if you need help planning something? He's your man.
Background story: Born to a wealthy knight and her merchant husband, Zander learned at a young age how to be a business man, helping his father improve his business and become more profitable. Though his mother often defends their town, putting herself in dangerous situations, Zander never fears for her safety, knowing her to be a more than capable swords woman. On their opposite days off, his parents would teach him their trades, though on the rare day that his parents had a day off together, Zander's family would make an event of it, going out for meals and to see plays. As he grew up, his parents had less and less time for him, but rather than resent them, Zander set out to start his own businesses, aiming to bring in more money than his parents combined. Along the way, he found Alec and his father, offering Mr. Knightly a job, before his passing. When Alec's father passed, Zander saw no other option but to take in Alec, clearing it with his parents after he brought the younger man into his home.
Other: Alec and Zander both still live in Zander's parent's estate, with several other families (all involved in some way with the military or law enforcement).
Drawn to adopt, Salia by Jade-Merciful
Drawn to adopt, Salia
Hope it's alright that I didn't do a full body. Here's Salia! She's going to be a servant girl, to two other lil cuties I've drawn (and need to upload).

Originally designed by Azumi-the-Neko
There's this cute little doll girl up for raffle, I'd recommend checking her out~
Her maker is quite the sweetie from what I can tell and well worth a watch by the way~!
RAFFLE ( closed ) by BunnyqueensAdoptShop
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I like to draw, both with paper and pen, and on the computer, I'm not very good at either, but it's a hobby. If you have a request of a drawing you'd like to see me try my hand at, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you.

I do intend to become a published author at some point in time, we'll just see how long that takes, since I'm currently studying to become a massage therapist. I have a wonderful Co-author for my main book series, and an amazing Girlfriend who supports me and writes with me for fun.

Current Residence: My Computer
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Anime
Favourite cartoon character: Tinkerbell
Personal Quote: "I'm not afraid of you, you're just the monster in my closet"

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