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I like to draw, both with paper and pen, and on the computer, but until I get a scanner it's unlikely that majority of my drawings will ever be posted online.

I do intend to become a published author at some point in time, we'll just see how long that takes, since I'm currently working as a massage therapist. I have a wonderfully amazing fiancee who supports me and writes with me for fun.


Profile- Byzantine [JadeMerciful] by Jade-Merciful
Profile- Byzantine [JadeMerciful]
Nicknames: Byzantine
Age: Centuries
Gender: Male
Species: Stareater
Orientation: Pansexual Polyamorus
Height: inconsistant (typically depicted as just shy of 6ft tall)
Body build: Sleak/Fit
Hair color/style: Blue, short/spikey with bangs
Markings, tattoos and other features: Lace markins on upper arms and thighs, inconsistent petal markings, forehead marking.
Likes: Flows, life, self-awareness, grateful people.
Dislikes: Death, suffering, hunger, pain.
Personality: A benevolant deity of creation, Byzantine enjoys watching his creations, though he finds it hard to watch them suffering. He's always trying to think of ways to prolong the life of the world he's created and make things better for the living creatures there on.
Relationships/History: Byzantine doesn't remember a time when he didn't exist, as it is with most creatures. Unlike most creatures however, he didn't have anyone around him to tell him about the history of his existance, the history of the plain on which he resided. Like most beings do when they are alone, Byzantine thought long and hard, and eventually came to a conclusion. If he was alone, it was his job to make others to keep him company. In coming to this conclusion, he created Qanun who became the god of magic. The other god became the person who gave Byzantine ideas, like "if you can create me, you could create a world", and so Byzantine became the creator. His first world started out fine but was full quickly, Qanun of no help when it came to making a balance. From another plain near his, centuries after Byzantine woke up, Qanun pulled another being into their relm. This was Oliver, who immediately saw what Byzantine's problem was with his creations; he never destroyed anything, none of his creatures knew death and thus things only grew until all that existed on the planet suffered. Being his counter ballance, Oliver destroyed the first world Byzantine created, and since that stopped the suffering of the creatures who'd lived on it, Byzantine was relieved. So the creator met the destroyer, and they began building worlds. And though he'd never admit it, Byzantine has over the years fallen in love with Oliver.
Open for RP/history discussion: Open for history discussion, and potentially for rp, but nothing R rated please!

Byzantine belongs to me Jade-Merciful/ JadeMerciful/NobleSir on FA
Base By Waitress of FA
Stardragons are owned by ControlTheStars and CuttleSkulls, more commonly known as DeletetheStars and Raptorslut on FurAffinity
Isn't it cute~?! Just watch :iconoh-ka:, comment on the adopt, and that's it =D
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Monster- Skillet
  • Reading: Lethe
  • Watching: M*A*S*H*
  • Playing: Persona 4
  • Drinking: Water

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